This is the Cookies Policy for (“site”), which is owned and operated by Hekmaa (“we”). The following policy explains how we use cookies to ensure your best experience on our website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are the tiny files used by almost all professional websites for storing the data on the device when the website is in use to enhance the user experience and keep the users logged in. There are certain cookies for tracking the website users due to several reasons such as ad tracking and traffic tracking.

This page intends to describe the information we gather through cookies, how we make use of it and why we need to store these cookies. The policy also addresses how to prevent these cookies from being stored, but this would result in a break down of certain elements related to the functionality of the site.

First party cookies (cookies from this website):

This website operates a responsible cookie use policy and stores cookies for letting us know how you have accessed our site and what pages you have looked at. However, these do not collect any personal information.

Third party cookies (cookies from other websites):

This website creates cookies for Google Analytics and Google Adwords, which are used to monitor site traffic and usage. These cookies are then transmitted to the relevant organization, but do not contain any personal or user information. You can opt out of these cookies by disabling cookies in your browser.

Use of cookies

This website makes use of cookies to enhance the users’ experience while visiting the website. Where applicable, this website uses a control system for cookies, that allows the users of the website to enable or disable the use of cookies on their devices. In compliance with the recent legislation requirements, websites are required to get an explicit consent from users before they access files such as cookies on their device.

Users are advised to take necessary steps within their browser’s security settings if they wish to deny the use of cookies from this website on to their device’s hard drive, blocking all cookies from this website. The website makes use of tracking software by Google Analytics and Google Adwords for tracking and monitoring the track visitor usage. This saves a cookie on your device’s hard drive for tracking the usage and engagement of the website.

When this website makes use of referral programs or sponsored links, other cookies may be stored to your device as well. These cookies can be used for conversion and referral tracking, and no personal information is stored.

What cookies do we use? 

Account related cookies

We use account related cookies upon your account creation with us for the management of the signup process and the general administration. Normally, these cookies are deleted when you log out, but in some cases, they might remain afterwards to keep a track of your site preferences when logged out.

Login related cookies

We use cookies to remember the fact that you have logged in, saving you from logging in each time you visit a new page. Whenever you log out, these cookies are removed or cleared ensuring your access to specific areas and features when logged in.

Order-processing related cookies

As the website offers e- payment facilities, the order processing cookies are therefore required here to ensure the remembrance and correct processing of your order without any sort of mismanagement.

Forms related cookies

These cookies are required to remember the user details for future reference, whenever the data is submitted through forms such as the merchants’ registration form or the contact form.

Site preferences cookies

These cookies are provided to you to have a positive experience with our website. You can set your preferences about running the website, and for remembering your preferences, we make use of the site preferences cookies whenever you use a page that has your opted preferences.

What categories of cookies do exist?

Strictly-necessary cookies

For moving around on a website, having access to its features and monitoring the actions taken during navigation of site pages, strictly necessary cookies are required.  Without these cookies, the functionality of any website cannot be guaranteed.

Functionality cookies

These cookies are used to enhance the user’s ability to offer personal details, as they save the already-provided user’s information and do not track your activity on other websites.

Performance cookies

These cookies are used to collect information regarding usage of the application or the website. The gathered information is totally anonymous. Thus, these cookies improve the performance of a website and enhance the user’s experience. Any information that helps in identifying the user is not stored.

Marketing purpose cookies

These cookies help in targeted advertising relevant to the user’s interests and measure the effectiveness of particular marketing campaigns. The collected information might be shared with third parties, such as advertisers.

Cookies and advertising tools from third parties

Google AdWords

We use Google AdWords for conversion tracking. You might have access to our website via a Google ad, which means Google Adwords will set a conversion or performance cookie on your device, that expires after a certain interval of 30 days. To mention here, this cookie will not be used for personal identification. Hekmaa and Google can recognize the fact that someone has clicked upon an ad and has been redirected to our website, only if the cookie has not expired.

The information gathered is used for generating conversion insights for AdWords customers. What the advertisers can have access to is the information regarding the total users who clicked on the ad and were redirected to the conversion tracking tag page. If you have any concerns about your personal information, these cookies do not receive any personal information. If you don’t want to participate in tracking, you can opt it our from your browser by setting the opt-out cookie. The cookies for conversion tracking can also be directly blocked from the domain “”

Google Analytics

We work with Google Analytics to gather information about your use of our website, and transmit this information to the Google server. Google will then use this information on our behalf to evaluate your website user and provide us with a complied report of your activity on the website. You can prevent the storage of cookies by changing your browser settings, but disabling these cooking would cost you some of the functionality of the website.

Information We Collect Using Cookies

Cookies are used for collecting information about certain activities on the website by the users and for supporting certain features and functionality of the website. This lets us keep a track of your past preferences so that we can enhance your experience and improve it by offering customization. Generally, the information we use does not identify you personally. However, if you don’t want to receive the cookies, you can disable them by setting your browser to rejecting the cookies or alerting you regarding the placement of any cookie on your device.

We collect your personal information from you whenever you want to place an order from any restaurant, or fill any of the forms placed on the website, and the website usage information. All of the collected information is used for creating statistics that lets us improve your experience on our website and offer you even more convenience when browsing or navigating through the site pages.

Use of Cookies by Our Advertisers and Affiliates (Third Party Cookies)

We use third party cookies in special cases, that are provided by trusted parties. The site uses Google Analytics and Google Adwords, one of the most powerful analytics and conversion tracking solutions, for helping us get insights about users’ activities on the site, their preferences and how we can enhance the users’ experience on our website. These cookies may contain information regarding your overall time spent on the site and the pages you visit frequently to produce a better experience.

These companies may place a unique cookie on your device, that can be disabled via settings in your browser. However, our privacy policy does not cover any of the information you provide to a third-party site.

Objection to the use of cookies

If you do not want Hekmaa to keep a track of the information of your visit, you can object to this at any time in the future, by opting out of the settings from your device’s browser. If you want to object, please contact us under the contact information mentioned below. 

For the technical implementation of this contradiction, an opt-out cookie will be set in your browser, that is solely for the mapping of your opposition. If you delete cookies or use a different browser or device, you will need to again change the settings to opt-out cookies. 

Disabling Cookies

All types of cookies can be disabled from the browser’s settings. Disabling the cookies might affect the website’s functionality and many other related features as well. Therefore. it is a recommended approach not to disable the cookies, for witnessing a smooth website experience and keeping an access to its certain features.

Contact us

If you have any concerns about this policy, please feel free to contact us at: Please provide complete information to facilitate your request, as well as your complete contact information.