YOU EAT THEY SMILE, this act of kindness defines the way we give back to the community.

Prioritizing the Needs of the Deserving Ones!

Giving importance to the needs of underprivileged families and orphans, while helping them fulfill such needs and ensuring sustainable solutions for a healthy environment are one of our corporate social responsibilities.

Hekmaa plays an active role in promoting a better socio-economic community. Each time you place an order or book a table through Hekmaa as being our customer, a percentage of the order value or booking fee will be donated to fulfill the needs of those in great need on regular basis.

Hekmaa as a Corporate Citizen

Hekmaa acts responsibly on behalf of the future generations getting deeply involved in numerous activities for fulfillment of social and economic progress.

Hekmaa is generating economic activities and contributing into the society by creating jobs.

With Hekmaa, small businesses can reach a greater number of customers than what they normally have and get more business.

Through Hekmaa web and mobile application, we are spreading awareness in society regarding the use of technology for better productivity and smooth handling of online operations.