Users’ FAQs

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What is Hekmaa?

Hekmaa is a platform that connects people with their preferred restaurants through mobile and web applications. Using Hekmaa, you can order food for delivery or take away, and book your table at your favorite restaurant.

How can I use it?

Hekmaa has a user-convenient dashboard. All you need to do is to enter your location, find restaurants in your area, choose a restaurant, and place an order or reserve a table.

How can I place an order online?

Placing an online order via Hekmaa is simple.

  • Select a restaurant from the list
  • Add items from the menu
  • Check the cart summary
  • Click on the checkout tab
  • If you have rewards, click on claim reward tab
  • Choose the payment option “pay online or on delivery”
  • Click on check out tab

Your order is placed now. Wait for confirmation from the restaurant. After confirmation, your order will be delivered at your place within the specified time.

How to book a table?

For booking a table at any restaurant, you need to choose a restaurant first. After deciding where to book your table at, fill out the asked details including date, number of guests, time of visit, name of guest, email and phone number. After submitting the details, wait for confirmation from the restaurant.

How long does it take to get your table confirmed at a restaurant?

Once you have submitted your details, you need to wait for the confirmation. The confirmation is done within five minutes of the booking.

What happens when I place an order?

Upon each order placement, your details are sent to restaurants for confirmation, and upon confirmation, the restaurant will deliver food to your preferred location.

Do I have to create account to place an order?

Yes. Creating an account on Hekmaa platform is mandatory before checking out. You cannot proceed with the order placement without creating any account.

How can I create an account at Hekmaa?

Clicking on the “create account” tab on the top right of the navigation bar on the home page and submit your details. You are ready to go.

What are the advantages of an account at Hekmaa?

Once you have created your account on Hekmaa, you don’t need to provide details again and again, as your information would be saved. Hekmaa account provides you with an easy access to your order details, and through order referral system, you can earn awards by sharing a specific code with your acquaintances.

What if I don’t remember my password?

The system with provide you with an alternate link to follow and reset your password once you have forgotten it. What you have to do is to click on the “forgot password” tab, enter your email and wait for the email from the system.

What are your opening hours?

As we are conveniently accessible online, we are available 24/7 to entertain all your orders and queries at any time.

How can I see all restaurants?

Through the “All Restaurants” tab on the navigation bar at the top of the page, you can have a look at the entire list of featured restaurants, check their details and select the one you want to order food from.

How can I pay for my order?

You can pay online using Debit/Credit card, JAZZ Cash and Easy Paisa (Telenor). Another option to pay is through cash on delivery.

What are the delivery costs?

Delivery costs are the charges involved for the delivery to your place. Delivery costs vary from restaurant to restaurant.

How long does it take for my order to get delivered?

Normally, an order consumes 40 to 45 minutes in delivery. However, the time may vary depending upon several factors such as the size of the order and the location of your destination.

I need to cancel or change my order. How can I do this?

If there is some issue from the restaurant’s side and delivery gets delayed more than 30 minutes of the promised time, you can cancel it.  You can also cancel your order within 5 minutes by calling directly to the customer care. Your order cannot be cancelled later.

Who handles deliveries?

All of the deliveries are solely handled by the restaurants and they manage the delivery of the food as well.

How much does it cost?

The cost of each delivery varies, as it depends upon the distance travelled by the rider. For longer distances, the rates are higher and restaurants usually charge extra in such cases.

What is your office location?

Our current office location is “Office number 3, 4th floor, Al Hafiz Trade Center 110, Link Road Model Town Lahore".

What type of meals are catered at Hekmaa?

With Hekmaa, you can order any type of meal at any time, including:

  • Breakfast
  • Brunch
  • Lunch
  • Snack
  • Cafe
  • Dinner
How can we reach Hekmaa via social media?

You can find Hekmaa on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram via the following profile links:

  • Facebook Profile Link
  • LinkedIn Profile Link
  • Instagram Profile Link
What are the popular cuisine categories on Hekmaa?
  • Thai
  • Desi
  • Turkish
  • Mandi
  • Desserts
  • Chinese
  • Fast Food
  • Pizza
  • Sea Food
  • Arabic
How can I find a restaurant on Hekmaa?

You can find it through our advance restaurant discovery feature, that will allow you to explore the restaurant’s profile as well.

What is the purpose of Hekmaa network?

Hekmaa network enables users to communicate within the extensive food network, which allows like-minded foodies to discover new eateries through photographs shared by their social circle.

Is there a minimum to order?

There are some restaurants having minimum order requirements and they do not accept any orders below a certain amount.

What about replacement and refunds?

No replacement or refund will be provided without the restaurant’s permission.

What’s the procedure for submitting a complaint?

If you have any complaint, with respect to the order, you will be required to share the proof of the same before any resolution can be provided.

What makes you ineligible for a refund?

You will not be entitled to a refund in case the instructions placed along with the order are not followed in the right manner.

How are the refunds processed?

All the refunds are processed in the same manner as they are received, unless these have been provided to you in the form of credits. The refund amount will reflect in your account based on respective bank’s policies.

How can I have a look at my order history?

Click on your user name at the top right of the navigation bar and you will see a dropdown bar. Click on “My Order” on the top of the dropdown menu and you will have access to your order history.

What items do I have in the drop-down navigation bar of my profile?

The drop-down navigation include the following:

  • My Orders
  • E-Wallet
  • My Reservations
  • Referral System
  • Settings
  • Log Out
What happens when I click on “E-Wallet?”

Upon clicking on it, you would have access to your online balance and the recent transaction history, including date, transaction id, description, type and the transaction amount. You can also view the past transactions.

What happens when I click on “My Reservations?”

Clicking on it, you will have access to the complete details of all your table reservations, the upcoming, the past and the cancelled ones. You can also make another booking if you want, from here.

What happens if I invite friends through “Referral System” to try food?

Every time you refer a friend who's never tried Hekmaa food, we’ll give you valuable points in credit to spend on the site.

How to refer my friend to Hekmaa food?

You’ll be provided with a specific URL, which you can share with your friends and family via email or social network.

What do I have access to on the “Referral System” page?

You can view your referral summary and the points earned against each reference. The active, inactive invites, and the total number of invites you have sent.

What happens when I click on “All Restaurants” on the top right of navigation?

Upon clicking on it, you shall be taken to a complete list of all the restaurants in your area. You can choose a restaurant of your choice afterwards.

I want to stay updated to your offerings and what’s more to come. How is this possible?

You can join our newsletter located near the footer of the main page. Just enter your email address and click on the “subscribe” button.

Do I need to provide with the details of the guest as well, when booking my table?

Yes. You need to provide the complete details of the guest, including their name, email address and contact information.

How can I view the ratings of any restaurant?

Click on “order online” on the top of the navigation. You’ll see the ratings in stars, right below the picture and name of each restaurant in the list. Those that are not rated by any customer would be listed as “not rated” in the list.

What happens in case of late arrival at the restaurant where your table is already booked?

You need to arrive 15 minutes in advance of the scheduled booking time. In case of late arrivals, the restaurant reserves the right to cancel your booking and allot the table to other people.

How can I use the Hekmaa referral cash?

The cash can only be consumed on Hekmaa platform and the full amount of reward can be consumed only if it reaches to PKR 1000. The amount needs to be consumed within 1 year and gets expired after it.