Merchants’ FAQs

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How can I login?

For this, you need to visit the “I’m a restaurant” page first, that is located at the bottom of the home page. You’ll find the “Log In” tab at the top right of the page, where you can enter your details to get started.

How can I update my details?

For updating the details, you need to go in the “Edit this info” tab on your profile and thus you can enter the modified details and click on the “Save Details” button to make changes.

How can I update my menu?

The menu cannot be changed directly from the dashboard. You need to contact the support team first, via email or call, and then they will make changes accordingly.

What if someone has payment Issues?

You need to let us know about what issue you are facing in payment. All the payment issues are settled after every 15 days.

What happens if a customer cancels an order?

Customers have the option to cancel the order if the restaurant has not accepted it yet. However, if your staff has started preparing it, the customer needs to directly reach out to Hekmaa support to cancel it. You will be notified immediately from a Hekmaa agent regarding the cancellation of the order to confirm the status of the placed order.

What if the food is prepared but the customer has cancelled the order?

If you have starting preparing the food, you will be paid every time. You will still receive payment if you have prepared the order and the customer has cancelled it, in your weekly payment summary.

What happens when an order comes in?

Whenever you receive an order, you get a notification against it, directing you to the incoming order. The notifications come in the form of alert tone rings and appear on your screen.

How can I pause online order?

Pausing an order requires the mechanism of going to “my account” tab on the top right on your account, selecting your profile and disabling the “Receive order online” tab. This is beneficial when your restaurant gets busy and cannot accept more orders, thereby feeling the need to pause the orders.

How can I cancel an order?

If you feel the need to cancel a particular order, you should go to your dashboard and click on the “cancel” button in the “today’s received orders” section. Once you click the button, the order will automatically be cancelled and the customer would get notified about it.

How can I hide any item from the menu?

Items can be hidden from the menu by going to the menu and clicking on the “pause” button against each item.

What if we already received order but we are out of stock?

If you have received an order and soon you realize you are out of a particular item, you can contact the customer to offer them a substitution, or you can simply remove that item form their order. If the customer is willing to remove the item, a partial order can be prepared. In the other case, the entire order can be cancelled. 

How to see the customer’s contact number?

You can view the customer details simply by clicking on the “Order History” tab. You can thus check out the contact number of your customer.

Why should I partner with Hekmaa?

When you work with us, you can get your food in front of thousands of users within in your city and more people would get to know about your business. We help your business in driving more orders, brand awareness and in maintaining a successful business relation.

Is my restaurant a good fit for Hekmaa?

We work with restaurants that people in your city love. If you’re a local gem looking to share your food with foodies, please reach out to us today.

How much does it cost?

We collect a service fee, which is calculated as a percentage of your sales on Hekmaa. Have more questions? Fill out the partnership form and our representative will be happy to answer them for you.

What major benefit would I get for my restaurant by partnering with Hekmaa?

We’ll get you set and promote your menu, and work with you to improve pickup and delivery times. We’ll continue to test and learn together to boost volume, keep operations smooth, and impress your customers.

What can I learn from the customers’ feedback for my business through Hekmaa?

Feedbacks from customers via Hekmaa give you the autonomy to make change and improve.

Can I get on Hekmaa if I do not have an actual shopfront?

Yes, you can. In that manner, it will be considered as a virtual kitchen. You need to register with us first and provide us with the information regarding delivery collection.

How do you access new customers?

Our continuous investment in marketing creates opportunities for our partner restaurants to reach new customers and receive maximum number of orders.

What happens when I click on “My Profile?”

You can have a look at your restaurant details by clicking on “My Profile.” These details include your minimum order fee, delivery type, features of your restaurants, payment methods, additional facilities, location, types of cuisines, contact number, current service fee and current month sales.

How can I enable receiving table booking and online orders on my restaurant’s profile?

Go to “My Profile” and enable the “Receive Online Orders” and “Receive Table Bookings” button to get started with receiving online orders and table reservations.  

How can I check the total number of visitors on my profile?

Go to “My Profile” and check out the total count of your profile visitors at the bottom section of the page. You can also view the total orders, customer reviews, number of menu items, photos and total sales in this section.

What happens when I click on “Dashboard?”

Upon clicking on “dashboard”, you can view your today’s orders, and the new orders as well, along with certain details. These details include the order number, status, placed date/time, delivery time, order type and actions.

What details I can view in the order history?

You can view several details in the order history, including order number, customer’s name, phone, area, date/time, payment, amount, status and actions.

What types of status can I mentioned in the “status” section of the order history?

You can use three types of status for depicting the order:


- In Progress

- Cancel

What happens when I click on the “slots” tab in table booking?

Upon clicking on “slots”, you can select particular days and booked time slots and submit them in the record. You can also view the entire record by searching them against entered days and clicking on the “check” button.

What happens when I click on the “table booking record?”

When you click on the “table booking record”, you can view the new table bookings and the table booking record, along with several details. These details include booking number, date, time, guest name, number of guests, email, phone and action.

How to check the order reports?

Click on “reports” and go to “orders.” Enter the time span for report checking and the type of report you want to look at and upon clicking on “generate” button, you will be shown the complete details or the order in your report.

What if I want to check the sales report?

Click on “reports” and go to “sales.” Enter the time span for report checking and the type of report you want to look at and upon clicking on “generate” button, you will be shown the complete details or the sales in your report.

How to change my password?

Click on “My Account” on the top of the navigation bar, and select “change password” in the dropdown menu. Enter your new password and repeat it for verification. Click on “save changes” and you are all set to go.