This privacy policy is for the website, served by Hekmaa. The policy governs the privacy of individuals who choose to use Hekmaa.

The policy describes the following:

* Different areas where user privacy is concerned.

* The obligations & requirements of the users, the website and the website owners.

* The way this website processes, stores and protects users’ data.

The Website

The website and its owners ensure a proactive approach towards fulfilling the user-end privacy requirements, taking actions on all the vital steps to protect the users’ privacy whenever they visit the website. Hekmaa website completely complies with all the national laws and requirements of user privacy.

The usage information we require and its collection mechanism

Whenever you order something from us or use our website, fill out any customer survey or form, we collect your personal information. We keep a record of the website usage information using cookies. Hekmaa (“the company”, “we” or “us”) collects different types of information regarding the website users that includes:

§  Your personal information that helps us identify the related person using a particular data set. Any information that is made anonymous is not considered and can no longer be used to identify a particular person.

§  Information regarding your internet connection

§  Information regarding your device or the equipment you use to access our services

§  Your website usage details

 The information is collected in either of the two manners described below: 

§  Directly, whenever you enter your information on your website; and/or

§  Automatically, whenever you navigate through our website. This includes your usage details, IP addresses and the information collected through cookies using other tracking technologies.

How we utilize the collected information

We use the information we collect to understand our users even more, in various aspects, such as what features they like, how they use our website etc., and use this information to improve our content and offerings, enhance their website experience and personalize the website according to the information they provide. The information collected is thus utilized to:

§  Respond to user queries

§  Diagnose technical problems.

§  Keep a track of your preferences and the services availed by you with our network

§  Enable us to show you relevant ads

§  Generate and review data reports and identify particular data patterns based on user’s behavior

§  Provide you with customer support

§  Notify you about changes to our services

§  Provide you with policies about your account

§  Carry out our obligations from any contracts entered into between you and us, such as your billing and collection information

§  Contact you about our good that you might find interesting

If you have any concerns about the information you share with us, we do not disclose your personal information to fulfil any of our intended purposes without your consent.

 How we share the collected information

 On purpose, we would require to share or disclose your provided information, upon your consent, in the following manners:

General Information Disclosures

We would require to disclose your information to advertisers/service providers and other third-parties that are bound by obligations to support our business, while keeping your information confidential and using it solely for the purpose we disclose them. The information can be shared with third parties for advertising purposes, to send updates regarding their promotions to you, only if you have shown your consent. However, these third parties are bound to sign the legal formalities first, regarding the confidentiality of your personal information. Your information can also be shared to meet the purpose for which you have provided it, or any other purpose, specified by us to you.

Legal Purposes

Your information might be used for fulfilling legal purposes and for inspecting or taking action against any possible illegal activity. We may also investigate and address to the violation of this privacy policy with the information you share with us, and also to address the violations of the rights of third parties, and safety of Hekmaa, our employees, or the users.  If required, we may share your information with government and law enforcement agencies and courts, on account of legal request, to comply with the legislation.

Service Providers

Upon your consent, we may share your information with service providers, or outside vendors, for fulfilling numerous purposes such as reaching you out regarding any of our offerings that you might be interested in, push notifications on your mobile device on our behalf, and communicating you via email. There are some of our databases and products hosed by third party service providers. Your information is shared with these vendors only to let them carry out their services effectively.

Social Networks

In any case, if you choose to interact with the social media features of our services, such as liking any of our services via Facebook or Instagram, or use your social media credentials for accessing any of our website functionality, we may collect the information regarding your use of services, and for offering you with an enhanced experience on our website.


Whenever you choose to reserve a table at some restaurant or execute an online transaction through our website, we collect your information and the information of the particular restaurant you choose, and provide the concerned restaurant with your details in a manner that it feels like you have directly placed the order or reserved a table at that restaurant. We will keep sending your progress regarding your reservation or order delivery on the contact number you provide to us. There are some restaurants that might require your credit or debit card information as well, to proceed with the asked reservation. We may also share information regarding your dining preferences with these restaurants. However, we control only what Is mentioned in our privacy policy, and not the privacy policies of other restaurants or third parties. To learn more about the privacy practices of other restaurants, you need to contact them directly on your behalf.

Payment Card Information

To proceed with some of our services, such as making reservations and payments at certain restaurants, we may require your payment card information. You share your consent explicitly, regarding sharing of your information with other restaurants and other third-party payment processors, whenever you provide us with your payment card information.

Other details are mentioned as below:

§  We provide your payment information including your card number and expiration date to third-party payment providers and the restaurant application, whenever you use your payment card to proceed with table reservation using our website.

§  Your payment information is provided to third party payment providers whenever you decide to provide your card information through our restaurant payment services. These parties may then save your payment card information so that you can use it in future as well.

 Analytics and tailored advertising


We may use third-party web analytics, such as Google Analytics on our website. The information collected by this technology will be directly disclosed to or by these providers, to let them determine the usage of our website by users. You may opt-out of Google Analytics cookies from your browser, if you don’t want Google Analytics to save or use your information.

Tailored Advertising

Your information might be collected by third parties whose products or services are accessible to you, or advertised via the services you use. This helps them make informed decisions and provide you with tailored ads based on your preferences, and the report regarding how the interaction with these ad impressions is related to our website. Third parties are also allowed to access information on the device you use to access our services. However, we do not have any access to the policies, use of cookies or tracking technologies used by these parties. You may also opt out of ad targeting, as allowed by these parties, simply by visiting the Google Ads setting page.

Choices about how we use and disclose your information

We make sure you are provided well with choices and preferences related to the information you provide to us. Your browser can be however set to refuse the acceptance of particular browsing cookies, or to provide you with alerts regarding the cookies that are sent to you. Please note that if you refuse or disable the cookies, some parts of our service may not accessible to you, or may not function properly. Any of your personal details are not shared with third parties or advertising agencies.

Communication choices

Whenever you create an account with us or sign in, you are choosing to get emails from restaurants and Hekmaa itself. In any case if you want to change it, you can manage your email preference and unsubscribe the instructions in email messages. However, you cannot unsubscribe from receiving certain privacy, legal, service, cookies or administrative policy from Hekmaa.

Accessing or making changes to the personal information

If, in any cases, you want to review, edit or delete your information, or even permanently delete you account, you need to contact team Hekmaa, using our contact information at the contact page. However, if you want to remove your contributions as a user on our website, the copies of your user contribution may still be viewable in the archived pages or cached pages, or the information might have been copied by other users of our website. Our terms and conditions govern all the details regarding proper access and use of information. We take steps accordingly to record the information you provide to us. You are, at any time, allowed to make changes to that information, or if you want something to be deleted, you may request us to delete that particular information that is irrelevant or inaccurate.

Information security

For maintaining data security, we have taken the right measures and implemented several procedures to prevent unauthorized access to your information, considering its sensitivity. All of the third-party payment processors are validated first as compliant with the payment card industry standard. We assume no responsibility for your information disclosure due to transmission faults, unauthorized access, or anything that is not under our control. You need to keep your information confidential and not to share your personal account information with anyone.

Permissible Age

The permissible age for using these services is 18, under the applicable local laws. Anyone under the permissible age is not entitled to use our services and we do not collect information from such users. In any case, if we come to know anyone making use of our services is under the permissible age, we have the authority to suspend the account and delete the related information as soon as possible. If you know any one making use of our services under the permissible age, feel free to contact us at:

Third party links and services

The website may use services that redirect to third-party websites and if you make sure of these services, your information is collected and processed by these parties for future reference. Please note that we are not responsible for the policies and content of the third parties that are linked to our services. We do not make any representations regarding the third-party services and our policy does not cover the information that you send over to these parties. Therefore, we highly recommend you to go through the privacy policies of these restaurants on your behalf.

Do we use cookies?

We make use of cookies to make sure the user experience is enhanced every time they visit the website, thereby using a cookie control system to let the users decide whether they want to allow or disallow the use of cookies on the devices they use to access our services. We make sure to take the user’s consent before leaving behind any of the cookies to their devices, which complies with the recent legislation requirements of taking explicit consent from users.

 For better understanding of what cookies are, why do we use them and what kind of cookies do we place on your device, please go through our cookies policy.

What the defined purposes are

You can find the information regarding the purposes of collecting information below: 

Customer Support

Any information that you provide to us while contacting our customer support for acquiring information regarding anything or submitting any issue you face is stored by us for reaching you out in case of any problem you face during the order placement or delivery process.  The personal data may vary depending upon the reason of contact. For further improving your experience and our services for you, we store the communication in your account. The information you provide is managed to fulfil contractual obligations and better the food ordering process for you.

Ordering and delivery process

After you place any order with us, we assign the order to your account after checking out if you are a guest or a verified customer. We manage the back-end processes of food delivery processing effectively and transfer your order to the concerned restaurant. Meanwhile, we keep checking the status of the order till it has been delivered to you.

Security and protection

We collect your personal information for identifying the potential hackers and the risk factors involved, and to keep you informed about the privacy policy. Keeping our services safe, we take steps to improve security and protection of the website and your data. To further protect your data appropriately, we keep a strong check on if you have received the privacy policy or not.

E-Mail Marketing and Advertising

We keep sending you different discount offers and coupons via email and conduct various polls and surveys. This lets us refine and improve our serv ices for you and keep you informed about our offerings. In any case, if you do not want to receive our promotional and advertising emails, you can opt out of them by clicking the unsubscribe button or sending a request email at:    

Changes to this privacy policy

At any time when we feel to make changes to the policy, we reserve the right to reflect changes in law, data collection practices, technology advancements and our services. If you want to keep yourself updated, please check this page frequently. The use of any information that we collect is subject to this policy and if we make any changes to this policy, we’ll keep you informed by posting them here. You need to review the changes very carefully and you can demonstrate your consent to these changes by the continued use of our services that follow the newly made changes. 

Contacting Us

If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy policy or our privacy practices, you may write to us at: Please provide complete contact information to facilitate your request.